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Imran’s daughter looks like a mini Imran

Bollywood actor Imran Khan and his wife Avantika Malik have been blessed with a baby girl.

An Indian Express report says that Avantika gave birth to the baby on June 9 (Monday) early morning at a hospital in Mumbai. Both mother and the baby are healthy.

Imran Khan, who tied the knot with Avantika in 2011 after dating her for 10 years, is very excited about his new role as a father.

Imran’s maternal uncle Aamir Khan had gone on record to say that the family is very excited about the new arrival.

The couple had announced that they were expecting their first child in December 2013.

One of the first questions that the birth of a baby gives rise to is: Who does the baby look like? And if it happens to be a celeb kid, the curiosity around him/her is even more. Currently, all eyes are on Imran Khan’s baby daughter.

When we bumped into Imran’s best friend Akshay Oberoi, he revealed, “I met Imran, Avantika and their daughter. She is a beautiful and healthy baby. It’s too early to say who she’s taken after, but as of now she looks like a mini Imran. They are going to make wonderful parents.”

Akshay’s bonding with the actor goes back a long way. He is a frequent visitor to Imran’s house. In fact, one hears, Imran’s maamu, Aamir Khan refers to Akshay as ‘Imran ka good looking friend’.


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