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Jai Ho left Salman determined never to venture into message-oriented cinema

The debacle of Salman Khan’s previous film Jai Ho has left the star determined never to venture into message-oriented cinema.

A source close to Salman says, “He is done with preachy films. When he did Jai Ho, Salman thought he was doing something that would revolutionize Indian cinema. Salman has the justified arrogance of a national hero. He thinks if he tells his fans to do something, they will listen. The realisation that he isn’t acceptable as a crusader has sobered Salman.”

Apparently, he has told his close friends that his forthcoming films will be purely entertainment-oriented.

Says the friend, “He jokes that if he wants to get a message across, he will send a bulk text message or tweet rather than make a film.”

Salman’s next film Kick is devoid of any plans to change the world.

“Salman and I only have one agenda — the audience should have a good time watching the film,” says the film’s director Sajid Nadiadwala.

Apparently, when Salman’s old friend Sooraj Barjatya divulged that the film they are doing together has a strong message on family ties, Salman told him to keep the message out of his reach.

Says Salman’s friend, “No matter what figures the film’s producers throw around, Salman knows Jai Ho performed very badly. He feels his friend Aamir Khan is the right star to spread social awareness.”


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