Making Of: Dhoom 3 (2013)

The story begins in 1990 Chicago with Sahir (Child Artist Playing Aamir) and his father (Jackie) talking how to save their circus group from being shut down as they have been defaulting their loan payment. Sahir even sells two rings and a watch to gather $25 to help his father to repay the loan. Jackie says as long as you have this $25 no one will be able to bring down The Great Indian Circus.
Both Father & Son Duo performs a special show for only bank’s executives. They show special kind of human teleportation magic, but the main executive of the bank is not impressed and he says the circus will be shutdown in next 5 days if loan is not paid.
Jackie couldn’t bear the shock and shoots himself in front of young Sahir.

Current day, Sahir wakes up as Aamir Khan and loots first bank – Western Bank of Chicago, the bank which took his father’s life.
ACP Dixit (Abhishek) & Ali (Uday) are called in to assist in the case to nab this thief. Dixit plans a trap to get Sahir in but instead Sahir robs another branch of Western Bank with Dixit’s help. During the chase, ACP Dixit sees Sahir’s face and shoots him on his back. ACP reaches to the circus where he tries to nab Sahir, but strangely there is no bullet sign on Sahir’s back which ACP had fired. He is shocked. The Bank revokes his investigation but ACP stays back to find out the truth.

We are soon revealed the truth; Sahir has an identical twin brother Samar which his father had been hiding from the world expect Sahir. That’s how they used to do teleportation tricks. It was Samar who was hit by the bullet. Both of them were working in coordination to bring down Western Bank of Chicago. While Sahir is smart, Samar is bit introvert and is already in love with Alia (Katrina) who had been hired by Sahir in their circus to play female lead. ACP Dixit finds out the truth of double identity and uses it to create fracture between the brothers. He be-friends with Samar and encourages him to express his love for Alia. Samar as naive he is falls into the trap, but luckily Sahir senses the foul play and in turn traps ACP Dixit. He even tries to kill ACP but luckily Ali saves ACP.

Sahir & Samar needs to bring down now just one more bank of Chicago which they finally succeed. They even successfully escape from the chase, but next morning they get cornered. Sahir makes the deal with ACP to let Samar go, but when he tries to jump off the bridge to commit suicide, Samar catches Sahir’s hand and never let it go. Ultimately both of them fall into deep gorge.

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