Movie Review: Ek Villain (2014)

Box Office: Super Hit

Guru is a quiet, tough and ruthless boy, working for a politician, Prahlad. A dark past refuses to let Guru sleep at night until he meets a girl, Aisha.He falls in love with her, his life changes and he convinces Aisha to get married to him.

Guru even quits his job and moves from Goa to Mumbai to make a new beginning with Aisha. Just when things seem perfect, she falls prey to an attack.

Devastated, Guru starts hunting the miscreant and is shocked to learn of his seemingly innocuous and simple identity. Something is amiss and Guru is unable to place a finger on the precise problem.Who is the real assailant and what is his motive?

The plot thickens as the astonishing mystery unveils and new realizations come to the forefront.Instead of narrating the tale in a linear fashion, Mohit Suri uses an altogether different mode this time — reverse narration — whereby the story unfolds after the catastrophe has occurred. The tender moments between the lovers, the upheaval in their lives caused by the antagonist, the twisted game of cat and mouse and the thrilling twist in the finale… Mohit has a knack of narrating stories with flourish and the tale he sets out to narrate in EK VILLAIN keeps you on your toes all through.

Mohit makes EK VILLAIN an enthralling experience, no two opinions on that. Although a number of movies have focused on serial killers, the talented raconteur along with screenplay writer Tushar Hiranandani [also the creative director of the film] makes sure they pack several remarkable twists that transcend the genre, making it a novel experience for the spectator. The undercurrent of tension and the violent crimes are intertwined skillfully with the affectionate moments between the lovers and the emotional turmoil that the protagonist goes through. The writing, in short, keeps you captivated right through the finale, which, again, is not of the run of the mill variety. As a matter of fact, the clash between the good and the evil towards the concluding stages is the icing on the cake.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
4.0 “EK VILLAIN is a stylish, spellbinding and terrifying edge-of-the-seat thriller. It’s a step forward in this genre, without doubt. A sure-shot winner!”
Bollywood Hungama
4.0 “Ek Villain folds out quite contrary to its simplistic name.”
4.0 “Though indulgent in parts, Ek Villain packs in a punch. Copy of a Korean film or not, it’s ‘good’ paisa vasool entertainment. Make it your weekend watch.”
4.0 “‘Ek Villain’ is a laudable game changer of b-town revenge sagas.”
3.0 ” This one lacks soul.”
Times Of India
3.0 “‘Ek Villian’ is a vendetta of violence with great music.”
DNA India
3.0 ” The Villain Unfolds With Revenge.”
One India
3.0 “Even after a lot of flaws Ek Villain is a decent watch but it could have been much better!”
IndiaToday: Rohit Khilnani
3.0 ” Mohit Suri’s Ek Villain will keep you glued to your seats as the intriguing tale is packed with many remarkable twists and performances.”
India Tv News
Average Reviews
2.5 “Heavily inspired by Korean film I Saw A Devil, you could watch Ek Villain for the actors and the drama. Not if you wanted to watch the thriller it was promised to be. “
2.5 “Watch it for Riteish Deshmukh!”
Zee News Inida
2.5 “it ends up with so much relentless intensity that after a point you start looking for an escape from this heat.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Watch the film for Riteish and Riteish alone just to see how effortlessly he slips out of his farcical ‘Humshakals’ pinafore into the heinous hood of ‘Ek Villain’.”
2.0 “Ek Villain is too contrived. And more so as a romantic thriller, its few twists and turns are easily apparent.”
IndiaToday: Suhani Singh
2.0 “Sidharth Malhotra is watchable but Riteish Deshmukh sweeps the stakes”
2.0 “Ek Villain besides its surface flair, does not have too much to fall back upon.”
NDTV Movies
1.5 “Ek Villain is too silly to thrill”
1.0 “Mohit Suri misses the mark and executes a mess”
1.0 “Watch if it a film that’s essentially unoriginal, with plasticky emotions, and unnecessary gore fills up your soul.”

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