Movie Review: Holiday (2014)

Box Office: Hit

Holiday begins with Captain Virat Bakshy coming back to Mumbai. On his advent, his parents take him to meet Saiba (Sonakshi Sinha), as a part of an arranged marriage proposal. While initially it doesn’t work out between them, with Virat assuming Saiba to be a shy and reticent person, he eventually gets to see a brighter, enthusiastic and feistier side of her.

Meanwhile, Virat entangles himself in a case that involves a bomb blast. As the story advances, Virat tracks down the sleeper cells that have been plotting a bigger attack on Mumbai.Holiday traces the story of how Virat destroys the active sleeper cells and pushes them on to the comatose mode for a good while.

Murgadoss’ film (remake of the Tamil ‘Thupakki’) offers an intelligent plot, with blows, blasts and raw bone-cracking action (Greg Powell- of ‘Skyfall’ fame). It triggers a fear that anyone from your paanwala to pizza-delivery boy could be a ‘closet’ terrorist (Beware!).

While the core plot is compelling and finely directed, the side-tracks – like bombs needing to be deactivated and the romantic angle, waste screen-time and the songs infiltrate the plot too often. The film is too long and needs a taut edit. It has flaws too, but doesn’t fail to entertain.

Akshay’s stunts are jaw-dropping; he’s in top form and impressively leads the show without much support from his squadron of actors. Farhad (the lead villain) doesn’t leave much impact; and Sonakshi slides in for the song and dance.

This one applauds the jawans who live in the jaws of death, and is a ‘wake up’ call for all the ‘sleepers’ that abound. Bravo!


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Positive Reviews
4.0 “HOLIDAY – A SOLDIER IS NEVER OFF DUTY is a slick action-thriller that keeps you engrossed, enthralled and captivated all through.”
Bollywood Hungama
3.5 “This one applauds the jawans who live in the jaws of death, and is a ‘wake up’ call for all the ‘sleepers’ that abound. Bravo!”
Times Of India
3.0 “Don’t miss Holiday for the sheer fun of watching a film that wins solely for its delicious brutish action.”
3.0 “HOLIDAY is a film for those looking for dhamekadar time pass. “
3.0 “Holiday- A Soldier Is Never Off Duty is a next step towards an intelligent cinema and is needless to say a rare seen thought-provoking thriller.”
3.0 “Akshay At His Best Action Avatar.”
One India
3.0 “The unpredictable treatment of the storyline keeps you hooked. While going for the Holiday, you might want to take it again.”
3.0 “Despite these minor cribs, Holiday makes for a satisfying watch and will keep the audience coming. A summer hit is on its way!
3.0 “A mast must watch for Akshay and action buffs..
3.0 “It’s a typical masala fare with songs, a romantic track, fights, explosions, shootouts to make for an engrossing watch.
3.0 “Watch ‘Holiday’ as a thank you to the army fellas.
DNA India
Average Reviews
2.5 “Arresting in parts; ludicrous in others!”
1.5 “Holiday A Soldier is Never Off Duty is a fair watch for people who have not seen Thuppakki. For ones who have watched the Tamil film, this Hindi remake would not excite one bit.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Holiday lacks the sustained intensity and urgency of an edge-of-the-seat spy thriller. “
NDTV Movies
2.0 “Holiday is just another masala flick.”
Indiatoday: Rohit Khilani
2.0 ” I surely want a holiday to recuperate from the three hour nonsense that mercilessly spooled out! Phew!”
1.5 “Holiday is too slow to thrill.”
1.5 “Holiday is the vacation you want to end quickly.”
Indiatoday: Suhani Singh
1.5 “Akshay can still deliver a perfect roundhouse kick but he has been looking his age for a while now.”

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