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Preity Zinta, not jealous of Ness Wadia’s new love

Preity Zinta has grabbed headlines for past few days with her molestation case against industrialist and her former beau Ness Wadia.

There were reports that Preity was hoping to rekindle their relationship, but Ness has found new love and has moved on. This irked Preity and that was the reason for her to get Ness into trouble. However, a source close to Preity denies the reports and claims that Preity is very secure in her current relationship.

A source close to Preity Zinta said, “Preity either laughs or gets annoyed with such stories. She is very confident and has always been open about her feelings. She is not jealous of anyone and is happy in her own space.”

The source further added, “Preity is in a relationship and is safe and secure about it. She is not upset or hurt about Ness Wadia’s relationship with someone. In fact, she is enjoying the happy phase in her life.”


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