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Ranbir Kapoor ditches fancy sedan

It’s a given for any star to be accompanied by an entourage when he goes visiting other cities — be it for work or to catch up with friends. However, Ranbir Kapoor, it seems, avoids getting caught in the trappings of stardom.

The young superstar, one hears, isn’t enamoured by high-end luxury cars. “When a fancy sedan was sent for him on his recent visit to Delhi, Ranbir sent it back saying a car like that would attract attention and people would become aware of a celebrity in it. He asked for popular multi premium car, where he took the rear seat, hiding under his trademark cap and dark glasses,” says a source from the Capital.

“He also didn’t want too many bouncers around him, instead he preferred to only have a sole bodyguard accompanying him. That way, he could also stop at a roadside dhaba to savour street food in the car, without attracting attention of people around,” added the source.

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