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Rani Mukerji: Preity Zinta and I were to marry in the same mandap

At one point of time, RaniMukerji and PreityZinta were known to be good friends. Both of them worked in four films together. Once producer SajidNadiadwala had said that the girls were very cooperative and there was no competition at all. ‘They used to apply make-up on each other. Once when Preity did not like what Rani was wearing, she went to Bandra and picked up something for her’, Sajid was quoted saying.

And now that Preity is caught in a controversy of being allegedly abused by her ex-boyfriend and Wadia scion Ness Wadia, Rani feels that it was not right for her to comment on somebody else’s life. “In fact, no person has a right to do so particularly since the matter is being investigated,” said Rani.

However, Rani said that she can’t imagine Preity going through difficult times. “It is difficult for Preity to go through hard times. She is a strong person.” “Preity is a great person and a colleague of mine. We did four films together. We also danced on the song Piya, piya…In fact, we would talk marriage and tell each other that we will marry in the same mandap. But I have beaten her to that. I wish her all the best,” said Rani, who recently had a quiet wedding in Italy.

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