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Sajid Khan wanted to wear a gown throughout the shoot of Humshakals: Riteish Deshmukh

Is this a print thing? Not for the cameras? So I can let my paunch hang,” said a visibly relaxed Ram Kapoor, as he sat down with his Humshakals co-stars for a quick interaction during their recent visit to the Delhi Times office.

The conversation ranged from director Sajid Khan being Tamannaah’s ‘rakhi’ brother, to Saif Ali Khan’s ‘angrez’ traits. During the interaction, Ram and Saif continued to joke among themselves about the former’s pot belly, while Esha Gupta and Tamannaah insisted that they didn’t mind being the glam quotient. As the stars took a tour of the office, Saif took a keen interest in the pages tacked up on the boards, while Tamannaah found a piglet’s wallpaper on a computer screen very cute and posed for a picture with it.

Saif’s gyaan to the girls When we asked Saif about his reaction to being repeatedly asked about Kareena’s ‘contribution’ to his films, he said, “The minute Kareena’s name comes up, I say, ‘I’m not here to talk about my personal life’. Good advice, girls (turning towards Tamannah and Esha), never talk about your personal life, unless you have nothing else to talk about.”

I know I am not hero material: Ram “I’ve entered Bollywood in the hope of becoming a character actor. I know that I am not hero material. I’m aware of my assets and disabilities. I’m targeting people like Boman Irani and Irrfan or Paresh Rawal. They all got their due in their 40s, or after. If I look at all the people I’m idolizing, I’m still a lot younger than them.”

Pretty lagein toh darna kya Elaborating on her recent statement that “actresses are for glamour in Sajid’s films”, Esha said, “If the actresses are not looking pretty, it’s not a pretty picture to watch. It’s good to look pretty because that’s our job.” Tamannah added, “When you’re portraying yourself as a diva, there needs to be a certain amount of performance going into it. Coming out there, dancing in a song, and looking glamorous is a kind of performance in itself.”

I’m a very linking road kind of guy: Sajid On asking Tamannaah about calling Sajid her ‘rakhi brother’, she said, “Just to clear all the rumours about Sajid and me, he called me his sister, and I agreed with him. I tied him a rakhi during Himmatwala. But during the film, there weren’t such rumours. I don’t know where they came from.” Sajid intervened, saying “These rumours are the work of a couple of PR agencies to add some unscrupulous spice and glamour to the film. I think I am a very Linking Road kind of a guy (since he’s linked with heroines often), probably because I’m the only successful director who is not married. It would take a very sick mind to link people who are brother and sister, unless and until you were living in ancient Roman times, which you aren’t.” Riteish joked, “Thanks to these girls, Sajid and I are not linked now. After Heyy Baby, Sajid and I were being linked.”

Sajid said he would also dress like a woman We asked Riteish about one thing that he can get away with being dressed as a woman. “Probably, entering a ladies’ toilet,” he replied, and Ram excitedly added, I’d go backstage at a Victoria’s Secrets show.” To this, Sajid said, “If you did that, Victoria ka koi secret nahi rahega.”

Riteish also told us that when he refused to dress up as a woman for the film, Sajid promised him that he too would dress up as a woman. “He wanted to wear a gown throughout the shoot and direct, but he never really did it. He cheated us,” said Riteish.

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