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Salman Khan spotted Armaan Jain at Ranbir’s sister’s sangeet

Salman Khan’s mother Salma Khan and Raj Kapoor’s wife Krishna Raj have been old card friends. Salma Khan’s son Salman and Krishna Raj’s daughter Rima Jain have thus been friends for a long time. While Armaan is now 23 and is debuting in Arif Ali’s Lekar Hum Deewana Dil, it was Salman who first saw Armaan at Riddhima’s (Ranbir Kapoor’s sister) sangeet and said that he too would be a star.

Remembering the incident, Armaan told us, “I was practising along with my brother Aadar and my friends for Riddhima’s sangeet, where Salman was also there chilling out with us. I was really fat and must have been close to 100 kilos then. He was first watching us and then even joined us, teaching us his steps for the song O O Jaane Jaana, on which we had been practising. After practising at Rishi uncle’s house, we all moved to Salman’s house where we continued our party.

At that time, Ranbir was debuting in films and the media asked Salman about it and he said, ‘Mashallah! There are two more grandchildren of Mr Raj Kapoor, Armaan and Aadar, who will also become stars.’ It was supportive of him to have said that as, honestly, till then, I had told no one that I wanted to be a star. I have heard stories of how Riddhima had a childhood crush on Salman and how he would call my mother Meryl Streep and she would call him Al Pacino.”


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