A mouth watering and beautiful treat for Sallu fans – 3.0/5.0

By Arun Pathak

A mouth watering and beautiful treat for Sallu fans for this Eid. A total family entertainer with full too masala, having the capability to give you your kick. The remake of 2009 Telugu movie with the same name, features Salman Khan in his full form, in which he is loved the most. Kick, defined by Devi Lal Singh (Salman, Devil), is a kind of adrenaline rush, for which he goes to great limits. As the entertainment quotient of the movie is maintained throughout from his entry scene, to the last scene, there is hardly any dull moment to drag. With first half being more comic, romantic and having a comic action sequence at its starting itself, the post interval mainly involves the Hero-Villain, chasing after each other. Sajid Nadiadwala debuting as a director with this one, has nicely crafted it for Salman. Jacqueline Fernandes has nothing much to do, but was good. Randeep Hooda, being the cop looking for the Devil, is effective throughout, and is not overshadowed by Salman. Nawazuddin Siddiqui enters post interval as main villain, but makes his presence felt by his devilish laugh and powerful performance. Sanjay Mishra as Police Inspector, Saurabh Shukla as Jacqueline’s Father, Mithun Chakravorty as Salman’s father were in bits but played their roles efficiently bringing more laughs for the audiences. Showcasing the longest chase sequence, many references to his earlier blockbuster Dabbang, the movie also involves few lines of songs sung by Salman himself and the one liners by him will surely raise many whistles and applauds. The robinhood like DEVIL, is no lesser than a superhero but few loopholes and weaker script on few parts takes it a bit down, in which a more sensible script would havemade it better. Overall, its a sure shot treat for Bhai’s fans, but is also a good entertainment for rests. And should not be missed easily, as you should watch KICK to get your KICK. And his crazy one liners like “Zyada socho mat, dil mein ata hun, samjh mein nahi!!!” will surely make your day…!!!What I liked about the movie:
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