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It was a great experience working with Salman Khan: Nawazuddin Siddiqui

salman_nawazA man who came up the hard way, and made it big in the land of dreams. A man of few words, Nawazuddin Siddiqui, in an exclusive interview with us, speaks about his experience working with Salman Khan, his struggle and desires in life.

What are your expectations from Kick, Eid?
I expect kick to a big hit at the box-office, which everyone is expecting. What better an eidi will I get if Kick becomes a huge success.

What if Salman Khan’s eidi is bigger than your eidi?
There is no question about big or small. Of course he is Salman Khan, and it will be good if the movie works for him. I will be happy if I am appreciated for my role in the film.

How was your experience working with Salman Khan?
It was a great experience. It was a very bright and lively atmosphere to work with him. Every scene had a kick in it. Whatever little sequences I had to do with him, it was great fun.

Kick is Sajid Nadiadwala’s directorial debut, so how was it working with a 1st time director?
The best part about a new director is that he will never leave his script loose from anywhere. Because, it’s the 1st film, the director usually has worked a lot on the script, like Sajid Sahab has work for almost 2 years, on Kick. Secondly, he is very experienced as a producer. So he knows to get the best out of an actor. I think this is the best quality of any director, to get the best out of an actor.

How do you feel about your journey in the industry, owing to the amount of struggle you have been through?
There was a time, that for 8 to 9 years I had no work, used to get small roles in films here and there. 2009 marked the beginning of my career, so I am very happy, an actor wants work, and if he gets work that he wants to do, then there is nothing like it. The best part is that I have got to do many different kind of role in all the films that I have done.

Would you like to venture into any other aspects of film-making?
I did try quite many times to write, but I couldn’t. I feel I cannot connect to the other aspects of filmmaking. Like for example how a director visualizes his film I can’t do that, I can only visualize a film like an actor. So I am content being an actor and I hope I do a decent job in that at least. (Laughs)

When you decided to take up acting, what kind of roles did you aspire to do?
When I started off, I used to do one scene in the film. Like I have done in Shool, Sarfarosh, Munnabhai M.B.B.S, many such films that you would not even notice me, but I am there (laughs). I have worked for so many years like that, so I never developed a desire that I want to do only such kind of roles. I never came with a lot of dreams. When there is a question about the survival of the fittest, the need to survive becomes so important that your desires do not matter anymore. You get to fill your stomach is enough. I still don’t have many desires, but I definitely want to work hard and work well.

Surely Nawazuddin Siddiqui is a true inspiration for all those who want to make it big in life. We wish and hope that Kick proves to be a huge success, and he continues to make a mark in Bollywood as well as our hearts.


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