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Varun and I fight because we actualy love each other: Alia Bhatt!

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya has drawn all eyeballs to its lead pair with their soaked in love screen presence & trippy tunes. But more than the movie governing the hearts & minds of the cinephiles, it is Alia & Varun’s crackling chemistry that has everyone in awe of the movie. The two with their innocent conviction and dreamy love beliefs are reminiscent of some of the classic Bollywood onscreen couples.

The onscreen smitten kittens put on display refreshing energy and make young, headstrong love look very real. The two star kids owe their believable portrayal of a besotted couple to the comfort level they share & the bond they developed on the sets of their first movie together, Student of the Year. While on a promotional spree for Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya, Alia’s spontaneous nature and Varun’s quiet charm leaves enamour the onlookers. So natural is their connect, that jokes between Alia and Varun fly thick and fast, much to the amusement of everyone around them.

At the film’s trailer launch, Varun teased Alia saying“Alia’s skin is like butter!” while Alia describes their relationship by stating, “Varun and I share a love hate relationship. We fight very often, all the time, in fact, people around us tell us to stop! It’s a lot like Humpty and Kavya. We fight so much because we actually love each other!”

And the close vibes that they share were evident during the Mumbai metro promotional trip that Alia and Varun took, where the man made sure that he was always at her arm for the little dynamite was injured.

Alia’s energy, perky nature and ability to light up any moment perfectly complements Varun’s subtle charm. At the Life Ok! Awards, Alia surprised the audience by proposing to Varun impromptu, just like Kavya would take charge of a situation in Humpty’s life!

Their close friendship and the bond of trust that they developed as ‘Students’, translates effortlessly on screen in ‘Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya’. With such natural chemistry oozing from the two, the movie buffs could only wish for the movie to be a love treat.

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