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10 ways how Shah Rukh Khan makes money

shahrukhBollywood’s badshah Shah Rukh Khan has been recently named as the second richest actor in the world. In fact, Shah Rukh has beaten Hollywood biggies like Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Clint Eastwood or Adam Sandler in terms of wealth and status. A report in Wealth-X has estimated SRK to be worth $600 million. Not only is he a great actor, producer, TV host but is also a co-owner of an IPL cricket team. He is sharp, intelligent and has an excellent business sense. Be it movies or endorsements or business venture, whatever SRK touches becomes gold. Let us go through ways which has helped SRK make money.

Innovative ideas: When a new movie is to be released, promotional activities take a huge chunk of the budget. Be it city-to-city press conferences or launch parties, these promotional activities are very important for the film’s success. But what if the campaign can be tapped to get massive returns? That’s exactly what Shah Rukh Khan has in mind for his next home production, Happy New Year, which is gearing up for a big Diwali release. A Mumbai Mirror report says that instead of asking the cast of the movie to give interviews and shoot pictures, SRK has a new game-plan in mind. He is planning worldwide shows with the film’s cast, including Deepika Padukone, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood and Boman Irani, ahead of the film’s release. The group will be called Happy troupe and will also feature director Farah Khan. It is touted to be bigger that Shah Rukh’s Temptation reloaded. He will be conducting shows in the US, UK and Canada, and each show will make around seven crore. The Mirror report has estimated that these shows will make Rs 200 crore even before the film releases in the theatres.

High-profile endorsements: From endorsing cold drinks to talcum powder, from endorsing cars to fairness creams, no one can beat Shah Rukh Khan in the advertisement world. Just recently the superstar bagged a 20 crore worth endorsement deal with a pan masala brand. This is touted to be one of the highest endorsement deal signed by a Bollywood actor. In fact, King Khan endorses so many brands that he has created his own ‘Brand SRK’. He is very popular in the endorsement world as he is able to connect with both classes as well as the masses. His easy charm, personality, box-office success and good looks make him a favourite in the advertisement world. Also his self-made man image makes him more attractive.

Selling satellite rights: Shah Rukh Khan is a smart filmmaker. He knows that there is a huge audience that cannot afford to watch movies in the multiplex. However, if it gets telecast on TV there is no way they will ignore it. Though SRK’s latest release Chennai Express did extremely well at the box-office, SRK sold satellite rights of the film to Zee Entertainment at Rs 48 crore. In fact, a TOI report says that the filmmakers had a deal with the channel that if it crosses the 100 crore mark, they will get more money for selling the rights. Interestingly, this was the first time ever that a film’s satellite rights were sold with such a pre-condition. Quoting a source, the report adds that SRK was involved with very area of the film’s marketing and branding.

Performing in weddings: It is not easy to make King Khan dance and no one knows that better than industrialists or politicians who pay Shah Rukh Khan in crores to make him perform in their family weddings. A Mumbai Mirror report says that King Khan charges about USD 15,000 for an appearance and close to Rs 8 crore for a wedding performance. In fact, these reports emerged when the actor gave a 30-minute performance at a high-profile wedding in Dubai last year. It is said that SRK enjoys a monopoly of sorts as Salman Khan is advised not to dance given his health conditions and Aamir and Saif don’t like to perform. Hence, he gets the price he demands. Apparently the Mirror report says that he received around 250 invites for wedding appearances or performances in 2012 but took up only 10 of them. That means he can easily make Rs 80 crore in a year by just performing in high-profile weddings.

Marketing strategies: When it comes to movie promotions and marketing strategies, Shah Rukh Khan is unbeatable. And this has been proved by the stupendous success of his movie Chennai Express. In fact, he is credited for introducing the concept of a huge promotional campaign before and after the release of a film. So doing city tours, attending press conferences, coming on TV reality shows, SRK does it all. In fact, reports suggest that it was SRK’s idea to give one Chennai Express ticket free with every two tickets purchased in Delhi. He also took advantage of the hype around the movie and increased the price of ticket before the release of the film. Even a hike of Rs 10 per ticket can have huge impact on the overall collection of a film.

Smart investments: Shah Rukh Khan has value for money and believes in investing his money smartly. The superstar has smartly invested his money in properties across the world, an IPL team and a production house Red Chilli Entertainment. A Mid-Day report says King Khan has invested in Imagination Edutainment India Pvt Ltd, which is a local franchisee of KidZania, a global chain of indoor theme parks for children. By making smart investments, SRK knows he will only get higher returns and be able to double his money.

Sharing profit percentage: Though Shah Rukh Khan is not the only actor who demands a percentage of the profits of a film, he is one of the first few actors who started this trend. So while Aamir reportedly claimed 33 percent of the profits for YRF’s Dhoom 3, Shah Rukh Khan makes more. A TOI report said that King Khan also has a large share in the profits of Vishal Bhardwaj’s film, produced by Sajid Nadiadwala. Rumour has it that he has at least a 60 percent share.

TV shows: You will be surprised to know that Shah Rukh Khan, who started his career with TV soaps Fauji and Circus, is among the highest paid actors of TV as well. After ruling the box-office, SRK again made a foray into television as the host of three reality shows- Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 3, Kya Aap Paanchvi Pass Se Tez Hain? and Zor Ka Jhatka: Total Wipeout. However, SRK’s fee went up with each show. A TOI report says that in 2011, he charged 2.5 crores for Zor Ka Jhatka…, an Indian adaptation of the American reality show Wipeout. With this kind of money, no wonder SRK is indeed the richest actor of India.

Have a thirst for knowledge: Shah Rukh Khan has a huge appetite for knowledge and loves to read. He is among the most updated and informed actors of the film industry. His study is littered with books of all genres and makes it a point to stay abreast of the latest news as well as gain knowledge from books. Another thing that keeps him focused is that he loves his job and puts in utmost dedication and hard work. Hence, it is his passion, thirst of knowledge and dedication that makes SRK the top most star of the country and hence makes him equipped to earn a lot of money.

By Pritika Ghura


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