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Karan Johar clears rumours about paying 150 Crores each to Salman Khan & Aamir Khan

salman-and-karanKaran Johar recently announced that Salman Khan will be playing the leading role in ‘Shhuddhi’.

Soon rumour mills were abuzz with talks of Salman Khan getting an amount of 150 crore as fees for the film – the highest amount to be paid to any Indian actor! News also surfaced that KJo had convincingly roped in Aamir Khan for another project. And for this specific film of Dharma Productions, Aamir was apparently to be paid a big amount, close to 150 crores.

Reacting to the news of 150 crore fees being paid by Dharma Productions, Karan Johar sarcastically posted on micoro blogging site twitter. He wrote, “Apparently I have paid 300 crores to 2 major super stars…yes!! If this is true then I am also looking for a job, a house, and a LIFE!!” Apparently miffed with the kind of reports being posted about him, Karan further wrote, ” Let’s introduce a simple place to certain news reports ….it’s called the TRUTH…easy to find but very few manage to get there…..”

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