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Sneak Peak: Motion Poster of PK (2014)

PKThink there’s nothing Aamir Khan hasn’t done to add just that extra something to each one of his films?

You may want to check out the first look poster of his hugely anticipated Raju Hirani film PK.

Hard as it may seem to believe your eyes, there stands AK, in all his scowl-and-elfin-ears glory, holding a medieval-looking radio to hide his modesty.

Shocking, but it’s true. Aamir Khan has stripped for the poster of his next film, P.K, which is set to be the big Christmas release this year. The poster has Aamir Khan in what can be called as one of the most shocking posters in his filmography, almost nude with an old tape-recorder used as a prop, covering his front. The film is a satire on Hindu gods and their godmen while Aamir is rumoured to be playing an alien in the film.During the shoot, a picture of him wearing a skirt along with a blazer got leaked on social media.

Here’s the motion poster of pk, where the actor is heard talking in Bhojpuri. Aamir has learnt this language for the film.


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