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Aisha was a spoilt brat with her dad’s credit card, I’m not: Sonam Kapoor

sonamFawad Khan, Sonam Kapoor and Kirron Kher were recently in town to promote their upcoming film, Khoobsurat.

While Sonam chose a quirky skirt, Fawad stuck to black for the visit. After posing for pictures, the actors spoke to us about the film and their roles. Excerpts from the chat:

Fairytales are necessary
I am an eternal optimist. The reason I chose to do this film is because I have always believed in fairytales, and a happy ending. I don’t think we should lose that, right?
Fawad: They are very necessary. All movies are like fairytales that you take home with you. Those two hours in a cinema hall let you experience things that you might not see or experience in your real life.

Character sketch

Sonam: I think all of us have been typecast in this film. But Fawad is really not that uptight, I promise you. I think he is the only one who is not like his character. And my image is the complete opposite of Mili. Everybody thinks I’m definitely not a misfit here, but actually I am. Everybody knows that I’m a muhfat – it has been established that I have my foot in my mouth, like five of them! However, I think every modern-day girl will relate to Mili. She is a girl who believes in being herself and not changing for any man. I’m very clumsy in real life. When I did Aisha, people thought I was like the character – a spoilt brat with my daddy’s credit card. Rhea thought that she had done a disservice to me for some strange reason. So, when they decided to make Khoobsurat, they used some of my characteristics, quirks and a little bit of my personal history – which I’m not going to reveal – for Mili. When I found out, I was really upset. I was like, anyway people think that I’m an idiot and this is just going to reiterate that. But I’ve realised that being clumsy in real life and in reel life are two very different things.

Fawad: Am I boring and a serious person? No, I’m not. I’m a child at heart. I’m completely opposite to my character. Right now, I’m acting for you as well, as we speak. The next time I play a gali ka launda, then you will see me in a completely different avatar.

Fawad is a hottie
It is very surprising for me as an actor who has done a very limited amount of work. People have admired and appreciated my work, it’s an honour. When my show was aired here, I had people coming up and saying they relate to it. That was a revelation that we all have similar kind of lives. As far as the girls go, I can’t do much about that. I feel very flattered. But I can’t taste the fruit! You might find out what I feel about it, if you continue liking me. I might respond and reciprocate.

Sonam: I think I’m gonna call up Sadaf (his wife)!


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