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Deepika Padukone’s cleavage controversy

Deepika Padukone On Nach Baliye 5 ShowPaparazzi clicks Deepika Padukone wearing a low neck dress at the trailer launch of Chennai Express last year focussing specifically on her very visible cleavage. The video finds its way to the internet where it is titillating titled OMG: Deepika Padukone’s cleavage show. A leading daily retweets the year old video on a lazy Sunday and all of a sudden it has the Bollywood up in arms with leading lights of the industry ganging up to crucify the rogue and offending video and its publishers. Deepika Padukone, the ‘victim’ in this case lashed out against the media house by posting a series of tweets one of which read, “I am a woman and I have breasts and cleavage. You have a problem with that!!!

While we laud brave Deepika’s courageous outburst and rightly so, we couldn’t help wonder why a reputed media house sought to publish an old video and the reason behind Deepika reacting to this particular video. A little research reveals that there is another similar video discussing Deepika’s cleavage already available on the site something which apparently didn’t irk Deepika. The said video was uploaded soon after Deepika appeared in June 2014 ‘braless’ on the cover of a fashion magazine but failed to create any controversy.

It is not commonplace in Bollywood to rake up a controversy to help aid publicity of upcoming movies. With Happy New Year’s music launch happening today, one can’t help overlook the timing of the published video. With the video and Deepika’s reaction already trending, no prizes for guessing what would dominate the press conference today. Certainly, a happy publicity moment for all. As if HNY was not enough, there is Finding Fanny’s success bash happening tonight where again Deepika would easily trend. Certainly, a good proposition if you are a publicist.

Sources from within the media conglomerate reveal that the video was uploaded from Delhi and as of now most appear ‘clueless’ as to the reason behind choosing this outdated video for publishing. A search on YouTube would get you results of a plethora of videos that promises cleavage revealing shots of actresses and not just Deepika.
While we are not passing a moral judgment on whether it is right or wrong to specifically shoot the private body parts of celebs that are on display, this certainly happens not just India but world over especially in greater propositions in Hollywood.

What’s abominable is Bollywood’s hypocritical reaction. An industry which chose to stay silent over Shweta Basu is suddenly finding its feet and voice to support Deepika. Certainly Shweta is outsider while Deepika their own beloved one, we guess.

Tell us what you think about the entire issue. Publicity stunt or issue for real?


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