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Revealed: Shahrukh Khan’s 8 Pack Abs for Happy New Year

Shahrukh_abs_happy_new_year.jpg-largeEversince Shah Rukh Khan came out with eight pack abs in full display for Happy New Year, everyone is busy comparing it with his last ab-licious appearance. Shah Rukh did the same thing when Om Shanti Om was about to release, stunning one and all. A lot has been said about how Shah Rukh put his health at stake to do Farah’s bidding of getting six pack abs. The Eight pack abs don’t look like a mean task at all.
Now, it is little different to compare the two. Shah Rukh had a completely different role in that film. He played an actor in his second life in the film and so it warranted a fantastic ab look. But Happy New Year is more of a dance based film with a heist lurking in the plot. What is the need of abs there is something we are still figuring out but we think we will go with his eight pack abs look. Why?

Well, for one, he doesn’t look diseased here. He was fab in the six pack Om Shanti Om look but somewhere looked weak and sick. This is more fuller and cuts a hot picture. There is just enough muscle making him look extremely desirable.


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