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The Midnight film secret between Akshay Kumar and his son Aarav

akshayAkshay’s son Aarav recently joined him in Delhi while he was shooting for NeerajPandey’s Baby.

Akshay is known to get up early morning, for which he sleeps early and therefore, does not usually shoot after 6.30 pm, but for Baby, the sequence required him to shoot till midnight, post which he would return to his hotel, where his wife Twinkle and kids were staying.

We heard from sources that every time Akshay would leave the hotel, he would tell Aarav, ‘See you for the Midnight film.’ While we initially thought that this was the name of some English film that the father and son had set out to see together, we later discovered that it was their secret code for swimming together at midnight. The father and son were obviously enjoying their time out together.


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