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Watch: How Shahrukh Khan built his 10-pack abs for Happy New Year

shahrukhBollywood superstar Shahrukh Khan has responded to Hrithik Roshan’s ‘BangBangDare’ challenge by putting online a video of him building his 10-pack abs.

Those who doubted SRK’s 10-pack, eat crow. That hot brawny bod with rippling abs, bulgy biceps and triceps the 48-year-old superstar built for Happy New Year are for real. The rock solid look, however, wasn’t attained without pain.

Hrithik Roshan recently dared Shahrukh Khan to share with fans his favorite exercise for abs. Promoting his film Bang Bang online, Hrithik has been throwing ‘BangBangDare’ challenges to friends and peers in Bollywood.

“The 10pack #bangbangdare @iamsrk show us a pic doing ur fav ab exercise!all want 2 know which 1 it is! U hv 3 days! Qabool?” Hrithik threw King Khan the challenge.

Priyanka accepts Hrithik’ challenge, does handstand pushups!

SRK not just accepted the challenge, he, in response, shared an entire video of him doing the rigorous workout for the 10-pack. Farah Khan is seen spurring him on, “Come on, you can do it!”

“@ihrithik #bangbangdare my fav ab workout is to do all exercises. A Dirty gym/ Prashant 2 help & Farah to scream,” Shahrukh Khan replied.

Following a recent video that cast a shadow of doubt whether Salman Khan’s 8-pack abs were digitally created in one of his movies, fans have been wondering whether SRK’s abs too have been real or fake. With this video, those misgivings can be laid to rest.

Happy New Year has Shahrukh playing Charlie, the frontman of a gang of losers who set out to pull off the world’s biggest robbery. The film will release this Diwali.


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