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Happy New Year gets a legal notice over Sharabi song!

Sharabi-SongThe recently released film has gotten into legal trouble. What has happened? Read on to know more…
After Lovely and Satakli, the Happy New Year team released the song Sharabi, starring the entire cast of the film. Things however haven’t worked in the team’s favour, as the song has landed the creators of the film in legal trouble. Reports suggest that the song’s required credits haven’t been given to singer Surj. The song was sung by Manj who is the brother of Surj along with another member of popular Punjabi band RDB. The band dissolved after the death of Kuly (Kuljeet Ral) post which the two brothers decided to part ways. The band currently is headed by Surj and the song Sharabi has been sung by his brother Manj.

What upset Surj was the fact that he wasn’t given credit for the track, by music duo Vishal-Shekhar where he stated that he track was composed by him when he and Manj were a part of RDB together.

Our little birdies tell us that the song was sold to Vishal Shekhar by Manj on the basis of fake documents. This in turn has created a copyright issue and we hear that Three records and RDB have sent a legal notice to Red Chillies Entertainment, for the song to be removed from the film or the artist to be credited for the same.

Guess the Happy New Year team isn’t so happy right now after all. We hope this issue gets

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