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I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan: Deepika Padukone

hrithik-deepikaQ. Tell us something about your upcoming projects.
Deepika- I am doing Piku with Amitji and Shoojit Sircar, Then there is Tamasha with Imtiaz Ali and I am also doing Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani. I am done shooting half of Piku. After I am done promoting Happy New Year, I will start shooting for Piku and by December I should be done with Piku. I will be shooting for Tamasha in January and February. We have already wrapped up one schedule of Tamasha. From March I start shooting for Bajirao Mastani. We will be shooting for Tamasha in India now.

Q. Finding Fanny on one side and Happy New Year on the other. So how do manage shooting for two films of different genres?
Deepika- This year is very interesting for me and every year gets more and more interesting for me. Last year I did four films and this year I am doing two completely different films. One is a complete commercial masala film and other is a English film. Next year a lot of films are based on my Character. Be it Piku or Bajirao Mastani.

Q. What matter to you the most? Box Office success or Critical acclaim.
Deepika- Box office success matters to me a lot but at the same time even critical acclaim matters. I have worked with people who say let the critics go to hell, it is the people who will watch the film. Let me tell you even these guys feel bad when they read the bad reviews. For me I am an actor and I feel both things are necessary. I would like to deliver hit films and want the producers to make money but at the same time my performances should also be appreciated. I feel a film is a success when it has repeat value. A successful film is a film which people would like to watch 10 years later.

Q. Do you feel the pressure to give 100 crore film’s at the box office?
Deepika- Absolutely not. I never choose film thinking that the film will do 100, 200 or 300 crore. That’s wrong if you do a film with that reason. For me Box Office at that level is not important. I sign a film to enjoy the film, my character and to have fun on the sets. We never thought Ram Leela will make 100 crore. It did that kind of business because people liked it. We won filmfare award and did 100 crore too. I don’t choose projects for actors and directors. I think a film should be done for the script and character.

Q. Do awards matter to you?
Deepika- Yes they do matter to me. If I had a year like last year where I did four films and I don’t win a award I would feel really bad. Everybody say that awards are rigged and just for Trp and stuff like that but end of the day the person who goes and collects the award feels really good about it. Awards are a sign of appreciation and a sign of your hard work.

Q. Actresses are paid less than the actors in our industry so what is your take on that?
Deepika- If you are comparing it to what the guys make it is very less. If you compare it with what the girls used to get and what the girls are getting now there has been a major shift in the last one. Films cannot be made without heroine. We all love cinema and hence I feel we should not get into this negativity. In the process of money we are losing the positivity in cinema. Now it has become a very formal process of film making since the entry of corporate. So I think we should make films with heart. For me love and appreciation I get from fans is the most valuable thing for me.

Q. Any actor you would like to work with?
Deepika- I would love to work with Hrithik Roshan.

Q. How proud do you feel that you are not treated as a eye candy in the films like many other actresses?
Deepika- What exactly are you trying to say. Can you give a reference point?

Q. Like Katrina Kaif in Jab Tak Hai Jaan or Dhoom 3?
Deepika- According to her she has worked very hard no for the film (Smiles). So how can you call her a show piece. I am trying to say the hard work and the effort is the same. Being a heroine is not easy at all. Every role has a lot of hard work. I can’t comment on other people’s choice of roles. Something I don’t like will be liked by somebody else. I have done films including my flop films like Khelein Hum Jee Jaan Se, Break K Baad, Lafangey Parindey they are all character driven film. People remember a character only if a film does well.


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