Movie Review: Bang Bang (2014)

Box Office: Above Avg.

Bang_Bang_(2014_Film)Harleen (Katrina) is a receptionist at Bank of Shimla. Leading a dull life, she has a more boring life than her grandmother’s. In an attempt to find love, she signs up for a blind date on an Internet dating website. At her date, she meets Rajvir (Hrithik) – gorgeous, sensitive and sweet, by the time she develops a crush on him, he is shooting down people and people hurling bullets at him. Harleen is stuck with him where she can’t return because people think she is an alias of an international criminal. Rajvir has stolen the Kohinoor diamond from London and everyone from the Indian police to the international police to the crimelord smuggler, terrorist Omar (Danny) everyone is on the lookout for him. Harleen reluctantly accompanies him and finds herself brisking from one mess to another. Will they survive this Bang Bang is what the film retells.

Siddharth Anand may not have had a good past in his direction prowess, but he will surely be remembered for Bang Bang. However, Bang Bang isn’t a perfect flick since, logics here are mostly dumped into dustbin. We expected the story writer trio of Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair, Abbas Tyrewala would have learnt from the mistakes the original version suffered and they might not bring in here.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 ” if you are looking high-octane action scenes, sleek visuals, melodious music and if you love masala movies, then BANG BANG should definitely be your pick for this extended weekend.”
3.0 “Don’t miss the action on big screen people. Just watch it for fun, Bang Bang is a total action-packed fun entertainer for this long weekend holiday.”
3.0 “Bang Bang justifies the humongous buzz created in these days. Go for it as Hrithik and Katrina are in there to amuse you throughout.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “Bang Bang is everything that Knight and Day was about and nothing even remotely as exciting as the original.”
2.5 “Watch the film only if you are a fan of either of the two actors!”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “It hurts to see such a colossal waste of both talent and money.”
2.0 “BANG BANG is such intelligent madness that it will make you cringe in your seat. “
2.0 “Bang Bang is strictly for Hrithik Roshan fans and for those that do not want an action flick to be anything more than just that. “
1.5 “Bang Bang is loud, dumb, exhausting”
Rediff: Raja Sen
1.5 “Bang Bang is a waste of time and money.”
1.5 “Bang Bang is as mindless as playing air guitar”
0.5 “Hrithik is the film’s eye candy and the prime shooter, all rolled into one, and gives you some amount of bang. The rest is burble.”

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