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Making Of: Heropanti (2014)

heropantiSixty six years since India became free, but are we still free to love, to choose our own life really?Rising from the present India, an on-going era filled with conflicts between remarkable modernity and deep-rooted archaic traditions, an era where the fight between the big cities and small towns is at its peak comes a love story. A love story sealed with an impossible fate, the story of the bold Bablu and the bratty Dimpy. Set against brutal clans and an increasingly violent landscape; will Bablu and Dimpy’s love blossom? Will their love have a chance?
Heropanti is the story of these two young conflicting protagonists, their battles with society and their coming of age love story.

It’s good to see Tiger and Prakash bonding and the younger actor getting to learn what emoting is about in the process but we would have loved to see him kick some butt instead. Because he’s a trained gymnast, parkour artiste and martial arts expert and excels in situations that allow him to combine his various talents. Less talk, more stylised action should have been the rule to follow. And somebody apparently told Kriti that the way to good acting is through a good cry. So she lets go with gay abandon every five minutes while grinning like Miss World the rest of the time. The pretty actress needs to tone down both and just be herself.

Tiger can punch and dance like the best of them and isn’t a bad actor either. His debut would have been more impressive if they had played up his strengths in a better way. He makes a sincere effort to win his audience over and let’s hope he gets better films focussing on his core strengths in future.


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