Movie Review: Happy Ending (2014)

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Happy_Ending_2014_Hindi_film_posterHAPPY ENDING starts off on a ‘happy starting’ (no pun intended here!). It starts off with Kareena Kapoor’s character (cameo) confessing her love by telling those three magic words to Yudi, a one-book wonder author and someone who is (self-confessedly) not allergic to ‘I Love You’, but the baggage attached with it’. And when Yudi doesn’t reciprocate her feelings, Kareena’s character shows him the middle finger (quite literally!). No sooner does she exit Yudi’s life, enters Vishaka (Kalki Koechlin), a dentist by profession, and is head over heels in love with Yudi. She loves Yudi so much that she even installs a mobile app called ‘Nospace’ on his cell so that she can keep track of his whereabouts. While she leaves no stone unturned in gaining his attention, Yudi is totally unmoved by her and her feelings and emotions towards him and wants to constantly break up with her. Whenever Yudi is in trouble or feeling lonely, the only two people whom he always looks upto are his ‘ex-girlfriend-now-a-mother-of-three childen’ Divya (Preity Zinta), and his best friend of many years Montu (Ranveer Shorey), both of whom lend him a patient listening and help him sort out the mess of his life. Because he blows up all the money that he had made from his book, he returns back to writing but, he gets dejected when he sees that the same publishers hiring the gorgeous Aanchal Reddy (Ileana D’cruz), whose romantic novels sell like hotcakes. What peps him up is the offer to write a script for ‘Armaanji’ (Govinda), an actor who wants to capture multiplexes after having conquered the single screens. To get a hold of ‘success formula’ in writing, Yudi decides to befriend Aanchal. Taking resort to a few tricks here and there, Yudi not only manages to befriend her, but also lands up spending ‘quality time’ with her. Right at the start of this ‘relationship’, the duo agree to be together without falling in love with each other. While Aanchal is clear about this relationship, it is Yudi who goes onto realize that he has actually fallen in love with her!

Will Yudi gather the guts to confess his feelings to the very practical Aanchal, what happens to the status of his relationship with Vishaka, and does Divya and Montu’s advice really make a difference in Yudi’s messed up life and lastly, does Yudi manage to stage a writing comeback with Armaanji’s film is what forms the rest of the film.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.5 ” Happy Ending’s a fun film with a melodious, modern take on individuals and pyaar. “
3.5 “The way this film has turned out, it indeed seems to be taking that route for audience entertainment as well. “
3.5 “Disguised as a spoof on romantic comedies, Happy Ending does it all – from boy meets girl, to boy-girl fall in love, boy-girl break up and boy-girl re-unite; but the usual drill is peppered with some wit, tonnes of wicked humor, piquant dialogues and infused in an enticing gorgeous set up.”
3.0 ” HAPPY ENDING is a film which leaves you with a happy feeling”
Bollywood Hungama
3.0 ” A paisa-wasool entertainer!”
3.0 ” Stuck in its own clichés”
Average Reviews
2.5 “If you expect Happy Ending to get somewhere, you are watching the wrong film. “
2.5 “Tiny Flaws But A Happy-Fun Film.”
2.5 “Happy Ending is barely ‘hatke'”
indiatoday: suhani singh
2.5 “The film does exceedingly well on the craft front as it moves away from conventional techniques but fails to add a new dimension on the content front.”
2.5 “So, not so happy ending for a film that must have looked great on paper.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Happy Ending isn’t quite so happy”
2.0 “Pretentious and shallow!”
1.0 “HAPPY ENDING goes a notch further. “
2.0 “Mostly boring, occasionally funny”
1.5 “Happy Ending – A series of been-here, seen-this moments and a wasted opportunity.”
1.0 “The overconfidence proves costly especially if you are a writer.”
0.5 “Happy Ending is a decent one-time watch.”
indiatoday: Rohit Khilnani

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