Movie Review: Rang Rasiya (2014)

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rang-rasiya-film-2014Rang Rasiya is an Indian drama film based on the life of the 19th-century Indian painter Raja Ravi Varma.The film is directed Ketan Mehta, produced by Deepa Sahi and Aanand Mahendroo. It stars Randeep Hooda, Nandana Sen and a newcomer Triptha Parashar in the lead roles. It has been given the release date of November 7, 2014,

From the award winning director Ketan Mehta, we have a legendary tale of Raja Ravi Varma, India’s pioneer painter. The film deals with the trajectory of his life and relationship with his muse, Sugandha. Nandana Sen as the muse radiates the passion of Randeep Hooda who plays Raja Ravi Varma.

The narrative begins in the middle of action, where an artist is arrested and charged with obscenity, immorality and hurting religious sentiments by painting nudes of Indian mythological characters. He is Raja Ravi Varma.

At a temple, he discovers the woman of his artistic imagination and dreams. She is Sugandha – the muse. Her beauty inspires him to create his now-famous paintings such as Saraswati with the Veena and also other nude paintings.

Following which, he moves to materialize his seminal vision of freeing his art from the shackles of elite patronage. The conflict in the film emerges from the politics of his artistic vision.

“He painted the gods and she paid the price”


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
5.0 “If you love art and cinema, and cinema as art, then don’t miss this one. “
4.0 “Rang Rasiya questions and answers with beauty. “
Times Of India
4.0 “If you love art and cinema, and cinema as art, then don’t miss this one.”
Film Beat
4.0 ” Rang Rasiya is more courageous than bold, more sensitive in its narrative than preachy or aggressive and more relevant than any one of his recent films. “
3.5 “Rang Rasiya is as good a film as any you have, or will, see this year. Strongly recommended. “
Movies NDTV
3.5 “Rang Rasiya is on a league of its own, meaningful and relevant a century after the man has gone. “
3.5 “It’s a statement on behalf of people who rebel through art”
3.0 “Rang Rasiya is not a consistent film, but one that tells a story of a pioneering artist and visionary, a story decidedly worth telling”
3.0 “For choosing to tell the story of this extraordinary artist and for standing up for artistic freedom, Rang Rasiya is recommended.”
3.0 “RANG RASIYA looks fresh as though just shot a year ago. It brings alive the colours of life. “
3.0 “Rang Rasiya is an aesthetic saga of our hypocritical attitude towards art”
Daily Bhaskar
3.0 “Rang Rasiya a story that needed to be told”
indiatoday: Rohit Khilnani
3.0 “Rang Rasiya’s timely delay with gratuitous sex”
indiatoday: koel puri
Average Reviews
2.5 “RANG RASIYA is for the artistic and creative people who believe in freedom of expression but it surely won’t woo the janta who are looking for entertainment and a getaway this weekend.”
Bollywood Hungama
2.5 “Mehta deserves huge credit for tackling a subject of this kind — the sensitive issue of petty politics curbing freedom of art and expression has been dogging us for centuries and continues to do so.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “It feels like a choppy costume drama marred by false notes and static ‘acting’.”

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