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Shahrukh Khan gets clean chit over ‘Slap’ controversy from Shalini Singh

Shahrukh-Khan-Yo-Yo-Honey-SinghYo Yo Honey Singh‘s wife Shalini Singh has cleared the air over ‘Slap’ controversy. There were rumours that Shahrukh Khan has slapped Honey Singh during the promotional event ‘SLAM’.

Shalini Singh said, “Why would he slap him? These are all baseless stories. Everyone knows that Honey really respects Shahrukh; and even he treats Honey like a younger brother. The doctor had asked Honey not to travel for Shahrukh’s tour, but he went nonetheless because he had given Shahrukh his word. On seeing his condition, Shahrukh kept telling him to take care of his health. Honey’s BP was fluctuating. He was on heavy doses of medicine and then he slipped and fell during the rehearsal and injured his back and head, and finally he had to come back.”


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