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Bipasha can’t remember who John is

john-bibasha88Bipasha Basu has claimed that she doesn’t remember who John is. In a freewheeling interview with Bombay Times, Bipasha Basu has cheekily commented that when a dentist walked up to her, claiming to be John’s dentist who had met her several times with him, she claimed to have forgotten about both of them. She amply supported the claims with an excuse that she had a short memory span. Speaking about the same, the actress says, “I have selective memory, that too, it lasts for only three months. I keep erasing the rest.” The actress also seems nonchalant about the entire episode. Narrating the incident, she says, “Yesterday, one guy meets me at the gym from far and says, ‘Hello ma’am. How are you?’ So, first and foremost, I had to walk right close to him to even see who he was. He says, ‘Remember me?’ I said, ‘No.’ He said, ‘You have met me so many times with John. I am Sunil Bulaboy, his dentist.’ I said, ‘Oh, hello. How are you?’ He understood from my face that I could not place him and again said, ‘You don’t remember me?’ I went back to him after some time and said, ‘By the way, who is John?’ What to do, I told him, I have selective memory. He was in splits.”

While Bipasha’s statement may seem too cheeky, there are others like her who don’t believe in being politically correct.

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