Movie Review: Alone (2015)

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alone-hindi-horror-movieWhen her mother meets with an accident, Sanjana is forced to return to Kerala from Mumbai along with her husband Kabir.

Sanjana, is the survivor between the conjoined twins, and when she comes home after years she is thrown face first into her old life which is both painful and haunting.

Sanjana’s return to Kerala not just brings back distant memories, but it seems as if it also brought back her sister Anjana’s spirit.

Sanjana is the only one, who feels Anjana’s (Bipasha) presence and sees her face in mirrors and reflections.

Sanjana (Bipasha) shares her plight with Kabir (Karan Singh) but he believes that it is merely love for her sister and the guilt of losing Anjana that is leading to these hallucinations.

But soon these delusions grow into spine tingling incidents bringing Sanjana at the verge of a breakdown. Kabir takes help from his psychiatrist friend Namit only to realize that it is rather beyond science. Is the existence of Anjana’s spirit real or it is just a figment of Sanjana’s fervent guilt loaded imagination.

Slowly these hallucinations give way to a shocking discovery of a horrific secret conjoined with fear, fate and a most passionate twisted love.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
2.5 “Won’t miss much! Relieve yourself!”
2.5 “If you are a horror movie freak, Alone may be dull for you!”
2.5 “Despite everything, Alone is not entirely a bad film. “
Negative Reviews
2.0 “ALONE is a below average fare that has a commendable performance by Bipasha Basu.”
2.0 “Stay away if you have had enough of Bips and her deadly on-screen dalliances with the nether world. “
2.0 ” It gives a few thrills and chills that a horror film does”
1.5 “This horrex is at best a one time watch.”
1.5 “Weak story, dull protagonists, the film is a bore”
1.0 “ALONE can be described as torture in slow-motion.”

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