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When Arjun Rampal criticise SRK infront of Salman Khan

srk-arjun-salman-1Well if you guys are thinking that we are talking about Arjun Kapoor you are wrong, we are talking about Arjun Rampal.

Sanskriti Media and Entertainments reports that a few days back Arjun Rampal called up Salman Khan saying he wants visit him and spend the evening.

Apparently when Arjun Rampal reached Salman’s residence it was 11pm and the duo started consuming liquor. They chatted about Arjun’s upcoming film ‘Roy’ and life in general.

Later, if a source is to be believed, Arjun allegedly under the influence of spirit started talking not so good about old friend Shah Rukh Khan.

The source said, “Arjun thought that Salman Khan will also join in criticising SRK but the opposite happened. Salman told Arjun that whatever it is – is between him and Shah Rukh and he should not talk about it.”

But Arjun didn’t stop and kept on talking about SRK. Salman, who was also under influence, asked Rampal to leave his house at 3:15am.

Both Salman and Arjun were unavailable for comment.

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