Movie Review: MSG The Messenger (2015)

Box Office: Flop

msg2-thumb-300xauto-52881The film starts off with a ‘sparkling’ introductory song of Guruji aka Pitaji (Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan) and old footage of Indian political leaders. Guruji is an all rounder who, besides being a ‘Pitaji’ to everyone, is also an ace footballer, miracle worker, patriot, rapper and above all… a ‘farishta’. He has many firsts to his credits. Be it the organising ‘theme nights’ like ‘Ruhaani Jaam’ (renouncement of liquor), ‘Ru-Ba-Ru’ nights or even the introduction of a game called ‘Gurstick’ (a refined form of gilli daanda), Guruji spearheads everything with utmost ease and a never fading smile. Because of his ‘increasing-by-the second’ popularity, his detractor Khuraana hires a hitman Mike (Daniel Kaleb) in order to eliminate him, at the behest of ‘Don’. Additionally, the ‘Don’ also sends his suicide bomber to be a part of his Guruji’s ‘beti’ gang, which includes Kasam (Jayshree Soni), Alice (Olexandra Semen), a foreign media student wanting to make a documentary on Guruji and Muskaan (Flora Saini). On one fateful day, an inconsolable Kasam, on the eve of her wedding, reveals a stark reality about Guruji to Alice and Muskaan, which stuns and shocks them both. Around the same time, Guruji’s life also gets endangered under mysterious circumstances. Simultaneously, around the same time, Guruji’s girl gang discovers the real suicide bomber.


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Positive Reviews
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews
1.5 “MSG: THE MESSENGER is a film that can be watched once… purely for the dynamics and the histrionics of the endearing Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Ji Insan”
1.5 “A film like MSG is nothing but a long format ad for Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh’s followers.”
1.0 “From aerial bike rides to curing AIDS, Pitaji is so bad that he is actually good! “
Daily Bhaskar
0.5 “You guys will not feel bad for missing this film in the big screen.”
0.5 “This is a movie that is so bad, it’s good. It is horrifying and hilarious at the same time.”
Blog Reuters
0.5 ” In other words, it’s so bad, it’s good if you’re one to pick the positives and watch a film just for kicks.”
0.5 “Watch this only if your survival depends on it”
0.5 “The ‘film’ is excruciatingly awful only for non-believers”
0.0 “MSG The Messenger is not a movie”
0.0 “It wasn’t enough that the makers went ahead and decided to shoot the film with a script that can be described in a few lines.”


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