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Russell Peters Asks Aamir Khan To Shut Up and mind his own business

aamirRecently Aamir Khan made remarks on the controversial AIB Roast stating that he found the show very violent and disturbing. While, several AIB supporters criticised PK actor Aamir Khan for the comments on AIB Roast, international stand-up comedian Russell Peters also slammed Aamir for the same.

It has been reported that Russell Peters strongly citicised Aamir Khan asking the actor to “shut up” and “mind his own business”. As reported, Russell Peters raised a question asking who is Aamir Khan to say that AIB Roast was violent.

Talking more on the issue, Russell Peters was also quoted asking Aamir to, “shut up and mind his own business”. Also, stand-up comedian Russell further ridiculed 49 years old actor Aamir Khan saying he only reads out scripted words before the camera and he is commenting something that is honest.

Well, that certainly will not go well with Aamir Khan and let’s see if the actor chooses to reply back to Russell. AIB Roast triggered much controversy ever since it went live on YouTube. However, later the video was removed to avoid further controversy.


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