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Virat and I don’t take our celebrity status very seriously: Anushka

anushka-viratAfter P.K., life is looking more promising for the talented Anushka Sharma with back to back releases this year which includes her home production NH 10 and Bombay Velvet. India-Forums had a chat with the leggy actress and here is what she shared.

How has life been after the success of P.K.?
I don’t find any change in people’s attitude towards me after P.K. It’s not like only after the success of P.K., they have started taking me more seriously, in fact they took me seriously from the beginning itself! Everyone wants to work as per their terms and conditions and success gives you that chance, and may be P.K. did just that for me.

Your views on turning a producer from actress.
It was not at all a conscious decision, it happened out of the blue. I was reading the script of NH 10and from nowhere this thought came into my mind that the content is so good then why not produce it also! I strongly wanted to back this movie. I wanted to make this movie, the way it needs to be made. I haven’t taken my fees for this movie; instead I invested it in producing which has helped in making the movie.

You are one of the youngest B’wood producers. Comment.
It feels awesome! Turning producer has its own merits as more interesting scripts are coming my way now. I might not even act in them but it’s a good feeling. I love good cinema and by turning a producer I got the chance to make different kind of movies for our audience.

The role you like more, an actress or the producer?
They both are different from each other but at the same time they merge at some level. Being an actress is more natural to me and I am still learning the ropes to be a producer. Being producer is more challenging since your single decision can change the fate of the movie.

Your views about Navdeep Singh.
I still haven’t seen his first movie Manorama Six Feet Under. When he first met me, the clarity with which he spoke about the movie (NH 10), impressed me a lot. I just had faith in him. For me things are instantaneous. He knows exactly what he wants from his actors.

Tell us about role ‘Meera’ in NH 10.
It was very disturbing for me to go through what Meera went in the movie. After shooting for certain scenes, I was actually very depressed for a couple of days, because they were so emotionally draining. NH10 was a very emotionally as well as physically demanding film for me. The movie tells you, that until you are pushed into a corner you don’t realize your own strength, what you are capable of and that is what Meera realizes in this movie.

How tough are you in real life?
I am from a middle class family and grown in a protected environment. Being a girl, instead of making me frightened, my parents always taught me to be brave and fightfor myself.

What are forthcoming movies?
“After NH 10, I have Bombay Velvet and then Zoya Akhtar’s Dil Dhadakne Do. In all the movies you will see me in different avatars and that’s the beauty of these roles. The movie genres, looks, stories, etc. are completely different from each other.

How do you handle media attention as a celebrity couple (Viral Kohli – Anushka)?
Virat and I both don’t take our celebrity status very seriously. We are like any other normal couple and like to do normal things like visiting a restaurant or watching a movie. We try to keep it as low key as possible. Being celebrities we can’t avoid media attention but at the same time we don’t give too much thought to it either! We try to ignore it and carry on with our regular life. We are similar in many ways and that’s the reason we are together.


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