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Kangana to join Hrithik Roshan for a holiday in Maldives

kangna-hjrithikEverybody in the industry was so far only whispering about a relationship between the two, and we are the first to actually spell out the names of the lead players in this real-life romantic drama, the relationship seems to be growing stronger. We now hear that Kangna would be joining Hrithik for a holiday in the Maldives.

Our source informs us, “The relationship between Duggu and Kangs has not been going anywhere because the two of them are going everywhere…apart. What I mean is, Duggu and Kangs are not getting to spend time together. They are both busy with their respective commitments.Unless they time off together they won’t know where their relationship stands.” In short Duggu and Kangna would be diving into the pristine waters of the Maldives to gauge the depths of their mutual feelings.We wish them the very best and hope the relationship lasts.

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