Movie Review: Hunterrr (2015)

Box Office: Hit

Hunterrr-2015The film starts off with the self-confessed ‘Vaasu’ aka Mandar Ponkshe (Gulshan Devaiah) and his interaction with his fiancée Trupti (Radhika Apte). The film, then, runs into a flashback, only to be merged with the present. These series of flashback to the present day situations forms a regular fixture in the film, and that is how the film gets carried forward. The film traces Mandar’s life’s story and all the situations which led him to what he is today. Despite all his friends getting married, Mandar wants to remain unmarried for three basic reasons. While the first reason is that he is marriage-phobic, the second is that he doesn’t believe in the concept of falling in ‘love’ and the last reason is that he feels that marriage will curb all his ‘vaasugiri’… something which he has been doing since his younger days! The flashback also shows him as a school student bunking classes and getting into a sleaze video parlour to see an adults film… only to be caught by the cops and paraded in public with his head half shaved! As he grows ‘up’, he starts understanding the ‘wants of a woman’ and thus, he becomes a ‘hunter’ of sorts. And his hunted ‘objects’ include the married lady Jyotsna (Sai Tamhankar), Parul (Veera Saxena) and a handful of other catches (which also includes the very proverbial ‘Savita Bhabhi’). Amidst all this, he comes across a very carefree Trupti, whom he gets engaged to. But the problem is that, Mandar, in order to impress her, says that he is a very ‘doodh ka dhula’ type of man and is far away from the world of sex, affairs, women and likes. On the other hand, the frank and outspoken Trupti makes it very clear about her past affairs and also a broken engagement. The problem starts when Mandar realizes that he has actually fallen in love with Trupti and that he must go and confess before her about his ‘vaasugiri’ activities. That’s when he alongwith his cousin-cum-friend-cum-confidante Yusuf (Sagar Deshmukh) gets drunk and an intoxicated Mandar goes to confess to knock on Trupti’s door at the wee hours.

Does an highly intoxicated Mandar succeed in coming clean before Trupti, does Trupti accept Mandar despite knowing about all his ‘vaasugiri’, what was the reason for Trupti’s broken engagement and what happens to all of Mandar’s past affairs is what forms the rest of the film.


Good Reviews  |  Average Reviews  |  Bad Reviews
Positive Reviews
3.0 “if you like naughty comedy full of witty lines, then HUNTERRR is a must watch for you.”
3.0 “‘Hunterrr’ is a disarmingly frank sex comedy that knocks off all moral policing and strips the holier-than-thou brigade to the bare essentials. “
Average Reviews
2.5 “This one is on the face and a genuine attempt at a sex addict’s coming of age story. “
2.5 “Watch it if brazen in your face is enough to titillate you. If not, let’s wait for a more mature film dealing with sex.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “Hunterrr is a waste of terrific actors”
2.0 “The film is too long, too languid and eventually too loose to leave a lasting impression. “
2.0 “No milestone, but a step towards mature sex comedy”
2.0 “‘Hunterrr’ is about a guy who can’t keep it in his pants”
1.5 “This coming-of-age tale of a sex addict is a taxing watch”
India Today: Suhani Singh
1.5 “With forgettable performances, an overstretched narrative and sex jokes that rarely hit the mark, Hunterrr is an unconvincingly unconvincing film that you shouldn’t be falling prey to this weekend. “
1.5 “Hunterrr is a film with a good plot but with too many flashbacks which irritates. A true Savitha Babhi fan should watch it in theater!”
1.5 “A hopeless adult comedy that will test your sanity “
Daily Bhaskar
1.0 ““Hunterrr” has some good humour, but for a sex comedy, it is surprisingly banal.”
Blog Reuters
1.0 “Hunterrr is nothing but another forced adult comedy”
India Today:Rohit Khilnani


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