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Salman Khan called Virat Kohli after India lost against Australia at the semi-finals

skvkSalman Khan made a call to Virat Kohli after India lost against Australia at the ICC World Cup semi finals yesterday (March 26). We know how Virat and his girlfriend Anushka Sharma, who was cheering for the team and her beau from the stands became the butt of jokes on the internet. In fact, there were a lot of people who went way beyond the permissible limit of what is supposed to be a joke.

Despite the fact that the Bombay Velvet actress was not bowling, batting or fielding, troll tweets just kept coming in. Some went on to call her a ‘panauti’ (bad omen), there were some who abused and cursed her. Some fans and followers even went to the extent of asking others to boycott all her movies, even though it was clear that Anushka was equally disappointed when Virat walked back to the dressing room.

While many B-town celebs came out in support of Anushka, Salman extended his support to Virat by making a phone call to him.

“Salman called up Virat to cheer him up. He also advised him to not bother about the nasty tweets about him and Anushka,” a source reveals exclusively to BollywoodLife.

And we can’t agree more. Yes, it was a heavy loss, but it was a well played match and the better team whizzed ahead. As for those venomous tweets about Anushka, all I can say is that haters gonna hate. What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments section below!

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