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When Salman Khan chooses Deepika Padukone over Katrina Kaif

ranbir-kat-deeepik-salmanThere have lots been spoken about Salman Khan’s forthcoming film Sultan, where reportedly the actor will play the role of a 40 year old boxer, and Deepika Padukone will be playing the Kick star’s love interest in the film.

But did you know there were reports that Salman’s alleged ex girlfriend Katrina Kaif was the first choice for the female lead, but it was Salman who refused the makers to cast her opposite him.

If our sources are to be believed, “Salman was very impressed with Sultan’s script, but he asked the makers not to cast Katrina in the film opposite him, and if they are willing to take Kaif in the film, he will not be a part of it, so they makers had to go for their second choice Deepika Padukone, adds the source”.

Wonder what will be Kat’s reaction over this news!

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