Salman Khan Verdict #Guilty – 5 Years Sentence

4:30 PM UPDATE: Salman Khan gets 2 days interim bail from HC Due to electricity problem at session court the full copy of judgement has not been delivered to Salman Khan. Hirish Salve, the top lawyer, represented Salman Khan at High Court for indefinite bail but the court gave him interim bail till 8th May 2015 on both medical grounds and partial order of session court judgement.

2:00 PM UPDATE: Abha Singh: Finally justice has been done. After 10 years of lingering, finally court has made good decision. Abha Singh is lawyer working for welfare of such cases.

1:45 PM UPDATE: Salman Khan will be arrested from Court itself to be taken to Jail . He has been fined Rs. 25,000 and some Rs. 500 for transportation fine. For drinking and driving he has been charged for two months jail.

1:30 PM UPDATE: Salman Khan sentenced for 5 Years Sentence has been given. Defense lawyers are preparing to go to High Court for appeal for bail. Salman will be taken to Arthur Road Jail today.

_82793668_82793119Today, 6th May 2015, Verdict was given for 2002 hit and run case of Salman Khan. He was proved guilty for all the charges against him plus all the evidences the defense had brought up recently has been proved as false beyond doubt.

Recently, Salman’s lawyer had claimed it was Salman’s driver who was driving the vehicle not Salman.
Also the defense tried to divert the case by claiming it was the bad road condition and road work going on the road which caused the accident. Ultimately the session court judge has made verdict all those evidences are FALSE and rejected them.

The final sentence will be made later today regarding the term of his sentence. According to prosecution maximum of 10 years jail could be giving for culpable homicide.
Salman Khan’s lawyer has asked the judge not to exceed three years jail term.
Also the debate is going on regarding Salman’s right to appeal in high court. Will he be able to appeal or not ?
Salman’s lawyer has also presented Salman’s health certificate claiming he has heart problem to get some exempt.

During the verdict Salman was seen bowing down his head with blank face with no expression what so ever. Bollywood fraternity is already reeling under pressure as more than 300 Cr. is ridding upon Salman Khan for his upcoming movies.

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