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Am only 27 and I get a year younger each birthday: Salman Khan

salmanThe Stallone of B-Town whose renowned propensity for living the Kick lifestyle, met Hello! for their June edition, on stands now. The magazine’s extensive photo shoot and interview captures the Khan’s moods and candid confessions. For one, a more introspective man. “I live from moment to moment, and in every choice and option, I hope to be doing the righteous thing.” While cynics may dismiss that, it was clear that no matter what the brouhaha around him, Salman appears to be one step ahead, in this game called superstardom, which begins with his inner programming. “My friend Aamir Khan is saying he feels lower energy levels at 50? (he laughs outrageously). Well, I am only 27 and I get a year younger each birthday. If you keep thinking ‘O man I am so tired’, it’s bad news. Once you’re tired, that old man starts seeping into you, and you must make sure there’s no place for the old man.

Somebody out there will always be an opponent, and you got to make sure he is more tired than you are. This whole thing ‘I am tired,’ it’s a loser’s mindset. No matter how hard you have to work, no matter what distances you have to go, you always have to be ready, always,” he says.

On the personal front, he admitted to loving children, having worked with quite a few of them, but when asked if he wanted kids of his own, he said, “Once I figure out a way to have them without a wife, I will.”

We asked a man who is always romancing women on and off screen, why this reluctance to solemnise a relationship. Initially, he reverted, “When I meet the right person…” to which we suggested he had already met the best prototypes of the Indian female gender. He then confessed, “Once I grow up, once I am more correct, when I become mature then I will commit.” Salman has been known to give his heart generously and possessively to his lady loves.

When asked about his dig at Katrina Kaif at sister Arpita’s wedding, that she had turned down a chance to be a “Mrs Khan”, he quipped, “What’s wrong with that… Katrina is a wonderful girl, she’s always been, and she’s a part of our family. She can come home anytime. I am really protective about her, so yes, that proximity, that friendship, will always be there.”

So if you visit the Khan khandaan, you may not see a Mrs serving tea and coffee, true, but you will see a very contented Mr Khan who told us home is truly at the heart of his existence. We know he likes to paint, but does he cook and like to decorate his den? “I didn’t say I liked being domestic help…” he winked. “It’s just home, I like it, I like my home space, time with family, friends, I have my dogs, I like that.”

The man with the Midas magic at the box office, had no trouble admitting that there is a formula in Hindi films, that exaggerated hero isms will always ‘click’ at the turnstiles. “You can get your eyeballs with more experimental cinema, but you will get them in ones and twos. Yes, maybe the movies have changed since I launched my career. But I still say, let’s do the math. Films like 3 Idiots, Ek Tha Tiger , Dabangg or Kick get the eyeballs. I like it when people get together in big numbers to watch and enjoy my films,” shared the 200 crore-averaging block buster actor.

Who, if anyone, is Salman romancing now? What are his current preoccupations? Read all about this and more, only in Hello! this month.


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