Movie Review: ABCD 2 (2015)

Box Office: Above Avg.

ABCD2The film starts off with Suresh aka Suru (Varun Dhawan) and Vinnie (Shraddha Kapoor)’s dance troupe ‘Mumbai Stunners’ being disqualified in the dance competition ‘Hum Kisi Se Kam Nahin’. The judges reason their disqualification in the competition as blatantly copying the dance steps and moves of a Philippine dance group. In no time, all the members of ‘Mumbai Stunners’ get tagged as ‘cheaters’ everywhere they go and also in their day to day lives. The going gets so tough that most of the team members even call it quits from the troupe. The omnipresent taunt of being a ‘cheater’ starts echoing in Suresh’s mind all the time. That’s why in order to prove himself and gain the lost respect; he decides to participate in an ultra-prestigious global dance competition that is to be held in Las Vegas. It is out of pure co-incidence that he ‘accidentally’ meets an alcoholic Vishnu (Prabhu Dheva), whom he considers as their sole ray of hope to Las Vegas. After much persuasion, Vishnu decides to choreograph ‘Mumbai Stunners’, who now have to clear the national auditions that are being held in Bangalore, in order to participate in the global championship. As luck would have it, Vishnu’s intense training helps ‘Mumbai Stunners’ find their way to Las Vegas. It is here that the second half of the story unfolds, which sees Vinnie badly injuring her leg during the competition, Vishnu’s hidden agenda and many other things. After all the ups and downs, ‘Mumbai Stunners’ manage to reach the finals of the global dance championship, when calamity strikes the team’s performance, thus stunning everyone present there, including the judges. What is this calamity that strikes the ‘Mumbai Stunners’, what secret is Vishnu hiding, do ‘Mumbai Stunners’ make India proud by winning the dance championship… is what the rest of the film is all about.


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Positive Reviews
3.5 “ABCD – ANY BODY CAN DANCE 2 makes for a good viewing and this film will surely find its way to its target audience”
3.5 “Varun Dhawan-Shraddha Kapoor Steal The Show.”
3.5 “ABCD 2 is a complete entertainer filled with delightful dance performances. “
3.0 ” ABCD 2 is a dance film that makes its viewer feel like dancing. Michael Jackson would approve!”
3.0 ” Passionate Varun Dhawan, stunning Shraddha dance their way to glory!”
3.0 “Prabhudheva and Varun Dhawan will floor you with their super moves”
3.0 “a fairly entertaining watch for dance enthusiasts.”
3.0 “ABCD 2 is worth a watch.”
3.0 “ABCD 2 is worth a watch.”
Average Reviews
2.5 “This one won’t make you dance!”
2.5 “Any Body Can Dance 2 Movie Review : Watch It Only For The Dance Sequences”
Movie Talkies
2.5 “Watch it only if you want to enjoy some cool dance numbers!”
2.5 “Watch it if dance is the only thing that makes you move.”
Yahoo Movies
2.5 ” If Dharmesh, Punit, Cockroach, Raghav are familiar names who bring a big smile on your face, then you must watch ABCD 2.”
Negative Reviews
2.0 “For dance freaks, there is much on offer. For lovers of cinema, ABCD 2 is a hazy blur of a movie.”
2.0 “Because of its poorly paced beginning, ABCD 2 feels a bit of stretch at 154 minutes.”
2.0 “Heavily inspired by successful Hollywood dance franchises like “Step Up”, director D’Souza, himself a choreographer, fails to cash in on the great material he has.”
Blog Reuters
1.5 “Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Dhawan starrer’s beginning is its end.”

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