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Revealed: Why Deepika Padukone left out Amitabh Bachchan from the invite list

Deepika-Padukone-With-Amitabh-Bachchan-In-EventScreen father-daughter ego tussle over price issue?
Everyone knows that a certain top actress didn’t invite her respected co-actor to the success party of her film. It is said that the actress credited “only” herself for the film’s success and was heard bragging behind closed doors.

When it came to the party she hosted, she of course conveniently left out her legendary co-actor from the invite list. When the media asked him about it, the superstar candidly admitted that he was missing because he wasn’t invited. In damage control mode, the actress who felt sheepish about missing out her senior’s name, blamed it on a technical glitch!!!

Phoney excuse this, say others who trooped to the party. They add, she had followed up with every one of them multiple times via text messages ensuring their presence. Anyway, one heard that the ego tussle between the actress and the senior actor started over remuneration for the film. If trade reports are to be believed, both of them have gotten paid exactly the same amount of money. It is not as if the actress was even willing to take a price cut because somewhere she believes she is as tall as her co-actor in the acting department!

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