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Vidya Balan wants to portay Indira Gandhi on screen

Vidya Balan at a promotional campaignVidya Balan received tremendous respect as an actor after she played the character based on Silk Smitha in The Dirty Picture. Ever since then she has been approached for many biopics. She’s been offered and has refused several such films likethe ones based on the lives of late singer Subbulakshmi, late politician Benazir Bhutto and late yesteryear actress Suchitra Sen.

She avers, “I don’t know where this Benazir Bhutto biopic story has come from. I was not even offered the film. How would I even refuse something I have not been offered?” What about Suchitra Sen? She confirms, “I was approached for the biopic, but I chose not to do it.” She feels that if the film was being made in Bengali, it should have cast one of her grand daughters and she might have said yes to the project had it been made as a Hindi film. “It was a Bengali film. At least, if it was a Hindi film, it was still okay that I looked completely different from her. But for a Bengali film, I just thought when there is a Raima Sen, it didn’t make any sense for me to do it. Though I would have loved to play her and the script was very good, Raima looks so much like her grandmom Suchitra Sen and I thought it will look more credible,” she explained.

She does really want to play someone on screen, though. “Indira Gandhi. I just find her to be so charismatic, powerful and yet so mysterious. You don’t know about the person Indira Gandhi. So it would be a great biopic to star in.”


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