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A 3 year old girl who loves Salman Khan a lot & wants to marry him

salman_fanSalman Khan and his fan following is astonishing. The star is famous among all age groups. Be it the elderly citizens or crazy youth, he is loved by one and all. From the oldies to the kiddies all are gaga not only over his acting skills but also for his big heart.

Recently, Salman’s list of followers has been flooded by little kids. Especially after witnessing Salman and Harshali’s lovely bond in Bajrangi Bhaijaan these toddlers are going head over heels for Salman.

Few days back we all saw a lovely little girl crying out saying, “I love you Salman” and now we have another cute birdie who wants to marry Salman Khan.

In the video this 3 year old girl is seen telling her mother that she wants to marry Salman Khan because she loves him a lot. On asking her about the meaning of marriage she says, “Just like my dad is your husband, Salman will be mine.”
Salman Khan who never upsets his fans shared this video captioning it “How sweet :)”. Indeed a very cute proposal. Isn’t it?


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