Eyes Wide Open: Hrithink Roshan & Shweta Nanda

hrithik-shweta Folks I simply fail to understand the whole business of ‘Blind Piece’. Famous film critic gave you dose after dose of ‘Blind Items’ and now dime-a-dozen websites are fooling you with ‘Blind Pieces’.

What the hell!!! I think the logic behind teasing readers with ‘Blind Items’ of gossip is that they either do not have the guts to take names or they aren’t sure about the facts. Yet you readers flock o the ‘Blind Gossips’ like heroine addicts for just-one-more hit.

What do you get? Nothing! All you do is get into guess work.

Bollyguide brings it out in open and postmortem those blinds with EYES WIDE OPEN !

The ‘Blind-Piece’ about a hunk of a Bollywood star who recently got back his single status is none other than Hrithik Roshan. The ‘Blind’ goss linked him up with a much married woman from a top B-wood family. The writer is scared to take Shweta Bachchan Nanda’s name? Hrithik and Shweta bonded well at Naina Bachchan and Kunal Kapoor’s wedding. The two really hit-it off. Yes Hrithik and Shweta were having a ball at the Tramps in London. Is their something on? Possible. Shweta’s marriage with Nikhil Nanda was never happening. It’s old news guys. But Shweta now looks hotter than ever and Hrithik is a stud. If something is on, it’s good. But why the hell people don’t take names and send readers in guessing game???

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