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Just good friends are f**k buddies: Kangana

Kangana is getting all over the places in Bollywood. For promotions of her upcoming movie Katti Batti along with Imran Khan, she is giving all kind of nonsense interviews. We all like her frankness and truthfulness but now she seems to be pushing the envelope too far by giving bold statements just to grab attention.

In a recent interview with Masand she made clear she and Deepika are not in good terms, though she doesn’t have any problem with Sonam. It’s not been more than a day or two, she is yet again giving interview to Maliksha, where when asked what does ‘we are just good friends mean’ in Bollywood.

She didn’t mince a word and said following;

In this industry ‘just good friends’ means a f*ck buddy who’s been slightly promoted.


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