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Miss foot in mouth trends on twitter again !

Sonam Kapoor has been in news for all the wrong reasons. She exemplifies most of our Bollywood beauty without brains movies. This time she gets on twitter against meat ban in India, but the words she choose makes the tweet hilarious like third grade student’s language.


Calling meat ban ‘Misogynistic’ was more than enough for twitter trollers !

Public Reactions:

Mithun Koppal @mithunkoppal 2h2 hours ago
@sonamakapoor It is time to carry a $2 Thesaurus in that $20,000 Hermes bag of yours. By the way Thesaurus means Dictionary.

imimiselfi @imimiselfi 29m29 minutes ago
@sonamakapoor meatban is misogynistic!! Seriously you can’t live in first world with that English

DynastyCrooks @DynastyCrooks 6m6 minutes ago
@Insane_chorri Like Pappu,Dynasty Illiterate can’t read anything without her daddy’s help..#TalentLess @sonamakapoor @firstpost

@ggiittiikkaa 28m28 minutes ago
Good to learn from @sonamakapoor that “meat ban” is due to misogyny. Not due to fascism, communal-ism, irrational-ism?

Sonams Tweets to public reactions:

Sonam Kapoor @sonamakapoor 16m16 minutes ago
Before being judgmental assholes. What I said was a critique of the general mentality .. Which is not exclusive to the banning of meat.

Sonam Kapoor @sonamakapoor 17m17 minutes ago
And the saddest thing about this whole thing is.. That it’s mostly women who are calling me out on being bimbo. Guess it’s not only the men!

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