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Sh*t my acting career has been only three years and I am already feeling tired: Alia Bhatt

alia-bhattShe’s been in the industry for just three years. However, 22-year-old Alia Bhatt’s performances in films like Highway (2014) and Two States (2014) has already made her a bankable name. In a candid chat, she talks about the expectations the industry has of her, the pressure she faces and more.

Does being one of the most successful actors in Bollywood put any pressure on you?
I don’t feel I have become a star. I have done just four films. I genuinely believe that it takes a great body of work to become a star. And I am really grateful that people believe that I can become one.

Do you feel the industry expects more from you now?
I don’t take anything to heart ” neither success nor failure. I just keep working with the same kind of joy. People might say whatever they want to, but I am still the girl next door.

Do you ever feel that you started your career quite early?
Sometimes, I do feel like, Sh*t, it has been only three years. And I am already feeling tired. How do people do it for so long?’ But I’m not tired in a way where I am like, Oh, I want to stop’. I am tired in a good way. I feel my love for being an actor will never go away. That love inspires me.

You are only three years old in the industry, but that hasn’t stopped you from taking up diverse roles…
I want to do as many different roles as possible. But I want to make sure that they are in conjunction with what the audiences want to see, and with what goes with my image. Having said that, I would love to play a negative character. Maybe now is not the right time for me to do it, because I have a certain fan base, which comprises mainly youngsters, and I don’t want to set a bad example. I have to take all these things very seriously, and I do.


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