Movie Review: Titli (2015)

Box Office: Flop

titliRevolving around three brothers, reminiscent of our society’s patriarchal hooliganism, the drama plays around with your mind in varied ways. Titli (Shashank Arora), youngest among the three, aspires to distance himself from his indignant brothers (Ranvir Shorey, and Amit Sial) owing to their dubious behaviour. He hopes for a better future.

The father on the contrary, nonchalantly watches his elder sons partaking in nefarious activities, as long as they put food on the table. With no steady income at hand, the family unapologetically resorts to crime. In order to clip his wings, they get Titli married to naive but headstrong Neelu (Shivani Raghuvanshi). She secretly harbours her own set of dreams. Can the two escape the family trap?


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Positive Reviews
5.0 “This is the best Hindi film of the year so far”
4.5 “A Thriller With Multiple Layers..”
4.0 “Titli is an unflinching, insightful chronicle of our times. Do not miss it. “
NDTV Movies
3.5 “Titli is not for the faint-hearted as it not only introduces you but makes you feel a part of the family that gives you the creeps.”
Times Of India
3.5 “An incisive and intense family drama.”
India Today
3.5 “Ranvir Shorey movie is hard to watch, impossible to forget.”
3.0 “Titli is an impressive directorial debut”
3.0 “Worth A Watch But Not For The Faint-Hearted”
3.0 “Joyless and despondent cinema.”
3.0 “Get absorbed in the world of the director”
Average Reviews
Negative Reviews

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