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Deepika is my comfort: Ranbir Kapoor

deepika__ranbirThey might share a past that must be hurting them till date, but ex lovers Ranbir Kapoor and Deepika Padukone share a present that certainly make them feel happy in each other’s company. From working or partying together, post break up, the duo indeed teaches us how to move on after a failed relationship.

Ranbir and Deepika these days are hogging limelight for their crackling chemistry that is being displayed during the promotions of their upcoming film Tamasha. At one such recent promotional event, Ranbir opened up about the bond he shares with Deepika. He candidly said, “”Deepika is my comfort. She is my dal chaawal. When I’m with her I feel like I’ve come back home.”

Now, that’s quite interesting, must say.

Few days back Deepika too was in the same mode when she said that she had demanded an expensive Chanel bag from Ranbir as her Diwali gift. Apparently Deepika spotted this beautiful bag at a boutique in a five star hotel, where they were staying. She asked Ranbir to gift it to her. But since the shop was shut, he could not do the same. Reports say, the Kapoor lad will soon be buying the accessory to her Tamasha co-star soon.

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